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A frog has no fear of rain but this is no ordinary frog. The logo for Studio Ayer spells all of what we have learned the last many years and what to come next and beyond. Of course, we do aged and sapped with time and trials, turning grey and dry, but the body and mind never cease to stop, until we drop.


Growing fish is aquaculture and growing plants in water is hydroponics. Combining these two, we have what we called ‘aquaponics‘. What a terrible name!

At Studio Ayer, one of the main activities is to practice aquaponics, integrating fish and plants growing in the same pond so as to maximise production with the concept of symbiotically linking the two systems.

The fish, in the pond fed with re-cycle food, releases wastes in water. The biological filtration system will effectively convert the wastes from toxic form like ammonia into nitrate. Nitrate, as ‘fertilizer’ can be assimilated by plants and thus the plants clean up the water keeping it right for the fish, as they grow. So, bravo ! in the end of the day, we can collect both the plants and the fish for food.

Aquaponic practices are easy and not expensive. Understanding the nitrogen-cycle of nature will make you an expert.

From: www.studioayer.comNCycle – Moving forward.

TFH201501 Aq Plts Layout 1

Advancement requires knowledge, knowledge requires time, time needs patience.

The work of Takashi Amano detailing the aquarium plants layout is truly an advancement.

For us, our advancement is described at our all new

The site information will be updated over time.

Ponds .. from my recent trip to India March 2015


1 Comp Mahi Lake

1 Comp Mahi

Man is the only one who is not locked into his environment. Nature has not fitted man to any specific environment and from age to age, man has remade his environment.” J. Bronowski, “The Ascent of Man”

How right ?  All the images here showing man-made ponds designed to suit the owner and his preferred environment. The last seven days of travel to three cities in India enough to see the vastness in design reflecting from the ponds’ characters and their interactions with those around them.

All the ponds were designed to be ecologically correct as part of ‘unnatural‘ nature of water bodies. More to come and such challenges require knowledge and understanding of aquatic ecology and practical design.

The engineering of structures, piping, membraning, draining alone are not enough as pond management is a living term.



Another pond in the making. Effort for a more meaningful project is surely worth the time. A beautiful pond alone is not enough. It has to be productive and functional as well. As much of the ecology of home ponds, lakes and its surrounding have provide much leisure but how much have we learned to benefit without its destruction.
This year, onward and forward to Burma, the next place to acclimatise and fit into her culture. “min ga la ba”


CNY 2015

This year is going to be a real busy year with much work going on at sites, travels, paintings and an own family-retreat development.

Will be travelling far and wide in India next month and heading for Bali and Bangkok as well.

When time comes to take a break, well take a break. For the time being, lets move ahead.

Lest Not forget. The Rubber Tapper

Letchumy, the Rubber Tapper

This painting of size 48″ x 32″ took the most time to paint due to its tiny details.  Only those who knows about tapping rubber or a once a rubber tapper himself will know the intended mistake in this painting. Mural paint (acyrlic on plywood).


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