The Eco-ponds at Langkawi .


The Arrival Pond at The Four Seasons Langakwi with the eco-friendly NSM bio-filtration system.

For years, most garden ponds in popular resorts used the conventional swimming pool water filtration system with full application of chlorine as chemical to keep the water crisp clear. Chlorine is so toxic that it kills everything and thus making the water looks clear and ‘clean‘ !

The chlorinated water is surely clear as all things that survive and live in water are dead and removed with the physical sand filter. But over the years, when chlorine continue to be added to water, a weak acid called Hypochlorous acid was produced and over time, it eats away the mortar that hold the tiles in the pond. Eventually, tiles along the pond walls and bottom began to give ways and dropped off.

More damaging when chlorine is added to water, there are halogenated trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) which are two major classes of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) commonly found in waters disinfected with chlorine. These byproducts have been epidemiological evidences of close relationship between its exposure and adverse outcomes particularly the cancers of vital organs in human beings.

Late last year, we were appointed to install our non-chemical eco-friendly NSM bio-filtration system to turn these ponds into eco-ponds with plants and fishes as part of their habitat.

The ponds water is crisp clear and fishes like lampam (Java barbs) are swarming all around as you see in natural ponds. Colocasia sp plants are thriving well along with some lotus plants.

The photo above paints a thousand words. Be eco-friendly and save the aquatic environment and do away with toxic chemicals like chlorine.


SuanNamSai Studio in Bangkok.


Since 1998, I was travelling to and fro KL-Bangkok and still doing this today. Much have been done and learned.

I always enjoy Bangkok for its markets, food, a never ending shopping and of course, the art of the people. Of late, we completed a nice pond project with our NSM bio-filter system, cleaning up the pond the natural way without the application of toxic chemicals like chlorine.

SuanNamSai Studio or simply it’s ClearWaterGarden Studio is now opened in Bangkok. The team who has been associating with me since 1998 are still with me,…always happy, lucky and vibrant with life and forever mai pen rai….. with me. 

Year 2017 is the year I have been waiting for and trying to get out of 2016 soonest possible, and I did. With 2017, I am ready for new challenges and move on with works in SE Asia and possibly invoke the art from my life.

Sawatdee. 2017


The Monkey Year


Studio Ayer, our new new eco-friendly studio at Taiping, Perak Malaysia.

There are two school of thoughts for this year business opportunities, one are those who think the economy will spin downwards and another says it is good year for business.

With the weather so unpredictable along with the war cries in the Middle East, mega scale corruption in the ruling government and of course, the stylish Trump who seems to be on his way to be the next US president…. so, what is in store for this Monkey year ?

Like the behaviour of a monkey, we have jumped from the dark grounds to be on a brighter side and that is leaving polluted K L for good for a peaceful Taiping farm land.

Our mini resort outlook studio and home to my family in Taiping is all clean, green and cool… ready for a new life style. It was designed as an habitat to my life, a special niche of collected arts and for the love for nature especially the water and fish that swims as part of the studio eco-system.

It does not matter anymore whether the economy is up or down, who kills who or Trump or tramps to run the US government, for as far as I am concerned, we are now in a little paradise made of green and clean just right for my age at 55 and away from the mad rush to bad health and imaginary wealth.

These days, we travel to share, give, work and earn like a monkey of the year as to be ambitious, adventurous and irritable.

Meet us at


Typha….. the weeds


Typha latifolia and other species. are designated as the world’s worst weeds and these weeds can reduce rice production, impact wildlife populations and can alter nutrient cycles negatively. In New Zealand, Typha is classified as the most unwanted organism. So why plant Typha in your garden ponds ?

Our planting here is controlled in only designated location and not allowed the plants to spread so easily. If such measure is not considered in your planting plan, surely you are inviting natural invasion and potential damage to the garden system and structures.

But Typha can be lovely if you have ideas to dress them up.

Auguste Rodin. The Sculptor.

Rodin 10 June 2015

Rodin. 111cm x 80 cm. Acrylic on used wood timber.

Love this old used wood pallet. Brushing with mixed wet-dry styles to create this piece with old vintage look. The depth with shades of grey was different when the painting was wet. The shades were good once dried up.

The ayer-culture ponds, it is all beneficial and eco-friendly


Studio Ayer – Logo

Logo descriptions

A frog has no fear of rain but this is no ordinary frog. The logo for Studio Ayer spells all of what we have learned the last many years and what to come next and beyond. Of course, we do aged and sapped with time and trials, turning grey and dry, but the body and mind never cease to stop, until we drop.

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