The Heavenly Path?


This year 2018 is my 34th year in natural water management career whereby my work encompassed wide ranges of skills from aquaculture, bio-filtration system, art and garden design to lake management.

My journey of life was like on board a ship across rough seas where it rolled, pitched, swayed, heaved over angry and screaming waves but at many a time, the beauties of calm and glass-like blue sea filled the souls of life with joy and smiles that one can never forget.

For the many years on the career path, somehow, I feel the edge is near and from the ship, I can see the present is here like awaken into a new chapter of life. It is like looking through the mists as it slowly opens up, revealing the land of the new world like a dream that makes you forget the past.

This new world to me is called retirement.

A year from now, the closure of my humble career will be official. I have, since 2015, already clearing my path to move ahead and wrapping up the past to be stored somewhere in the museum.

The past was a wonderful sparkling life with much adventures going far and wide, filled with laughter, joy but sometime pain, shocked and sorrow. These all defined the journey of one growing up…..

……and next, is another path to take to define what that is all about growing old.

My plan for the my next phase of life started in 2015 and as today, layer by layer of my design beginning to take shape here at Kebun Ayer, my farmland in Taiping, which is 3 hours north of Kuala Lumpur by train.

The design masterplan for life ahead begins from the bottom rung to understand the simplicity and effectiveness of nature, culture and self-reflections. Here, the wind and the surrounding green cools the air and air-conditions units are not in the list.

Moules marinieres, rogan josh, placheon pao are simply replaced with charkeow-teow, mee-rebus and cheecheong-fan. Hipster cafes are no longer in my list and humbly visit the many kopitiams dotted all over Taiping town.

For rejuvenation of self-searching at this next era of my life, is to unlock all the doors for a free flow of ideas, knowledge, mastery experiences, talents and fills to be shared to those who welcome and understand the needs of these.

Retirement is not about going backwards and downwards, it is about moving forward with style and confidence. So, to all with good hearts of old and young, I welcome you to Kebun Ayer, the place I called home.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 9

It is easier to carry an empty cup
than one that is filled to the brim.

The sharper the knife
the easier it is to dull.
The more wealth you possess
the harder it is to protect.
Pride brings it’s own trouble.

When you have accomplished your goal
simply walk away.
This is the pathway to Heaven.

by J H McDonald

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates. Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book that Changes Lives, by Dan Millman.


What is aquatic ecology ?

eco drawing by nKh

My drawing to explain about aquatic ecosystems to developers and designers back in 1997.

Aquatic ecology is a branch of the science of ecology which is concerned with the study of aquatic ecosystems. This field can be broken into two divisions: freshwater ecology and marine ecology. Given that most of the Earth is covered in water, understanding aquatic ecosystems is very important, especially since water is critical to the survival of all life on Earth.

Freshwater ecology involves rivers, lakes, streams, seasonal bodies of water, underground water deposits, and the surrounding areas, while marine ecology is concerned with the ocean. Estuaries, where freshwater meets saltwater, may be studied by ecologists from either field, and sometimes both, working cooperatively on projects which require the expertise of freshwater and marine ecologists.

Aquatic ecologists study natural populations of organisms in the water, learning about natural variations and the impact of influences like temperature, salinity, water depth, location, and season. Ecologists may be interested specifically in organisms of economic importance, or in the biology of an ecosystem as a whole.

Aquatic ecosystems are the communities of organisms, their surrounding watery environment, and the relationship between the two.

And that’s what we do at Ayermatahari and it’s a job.


Green and Clean at Home

SM Yogac

StudioAyer, Taiping Farmland

All green and clean. This is like a dream and keep dreaming till the day you wake up in an environment which is green and clean.

I packed and left Kuala Lumpur with my family sometime towards the very end of 2015.

Air pollution, noises from the highways, road jams, limited car parking spaces, expensive daily basic expenses from food to services and a host more of reasons enough for me to look elsewhere.

As I cannot deny that I truly enjoyed my travels to work sites in S E Asia and at times, coming back to KL is the most uninspiring.

A whole new brand of simple life-style in a more acceptable environment is what I needed and I decided to design a humble style home to suit my family habitat.

Taiping is my new home since late 2015, but the real home is the place where we are staying now in a farmland with no farming activities.

Our home spaces are green, clean, fresh with winds, rains and lots of it along with ponds and the beautiful morning rays that spill from the eastern mountain ranges each morning to cherish a beautiful day that is to come.

The ETS train ride to Taiping from Kuala Lumpur is a 3 hours journey and another 20 mins with Transit train and I will be comfortably arrived in KLIA airport for my flight out to places where I work.

So, is this the life where one seeks and called it home ? What is the costs of shifting from one dimension to another for a place of your dreams or happiness ? Or rather, keep pursuing a never ending and insatiable needs of wealth for display with shining armour, golden rings, flashing teeth in a world of comparisons and competitions.

Doubts, anxieties, worries, excuses are the dark sides of life and these are the things keep pulling you back when faith is lost. Faith with proper knowledge and understanding will keep you on the road, but blind faith will lead you to astray.

Finally, my answer to where I am today is called ‘Balik Kampong’, that is to return to where you came from as life in the city was just a visit. My children needs to explore the past, present and future. Our body and mind that aged over time need to reboot and where else is better than the place you truly called it HOME.


Floods in Penang, Who to Blame ?


Greed, ignorance, poor visions and inconsideration are behind all these disasters of flooding. Nothing has to do with god of anger or natural disaster. The authorities have done their best but those pages of greed, ignorance, poor visions and inconsideration are there like rusty pages clipped between the hard work of others.

Flood can be prevented if developements seriously take into accounts the retained volume of water from heavy rains, less surface pavements for water infiltrations, effective drainage system and a holding lake as part recreational and flood control strategy in their masterplan.

But where are they ? and somehow the floods are here to stay for sure in Penang.

Of late, weather news all over the world providing reports fearful of coming disasters but we have none of these sort happened other than the tsunami came on Boxing Day which was not predicted or known until it came.

The biggest disasters to such floods are man-made from ignorance blinded by insatiable search for wealth and imbalance of developments between the need for the people and the balance of nature.

The Eco-ponds at Langkawi .


The Arrival Pond at The Four Seasons Langakwi with the eco-friendly NSM bio-filtration system.

For years, most garden ponds in popular resorts used the conventional swimming pool water filtration system with full application of chlorine as chemical to keep the water crisp clear. Chlorine is so toxic that it kills everything and thus making the water looks clear and ‘clean‘ !

The chlorinated water is surely clear as all things that survive and live in water are dead and removed with the physical sand filter. But over the years, when chlorine continue to be added to water, a weak acid called Hypochlorous acid was produced and over time, it eats away the mortar that hold the tiles in the pond. Eventually, tiles along the pond walls and bottom began to give ways and dropped off.

More damaging when chlorine is added to water, there are halogenated trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) which are two major classes of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) commonly found in waters disinfected with chlorine. These byproducts have been epidemiological evidences of close relationship between its exposure and adverse outcomes particularly the cancers of vital organs in human beings.

Late last year, we were appointed to install our non-chemical eco-friendly NSM bio-filtration system to turn these ponds into eco-ponds with plants and fishes as part of their habitat.

The ponds water is crisp clear and fishes like lampam (Java barbs) are swarming all around as you see in natural ponds. Colocasia sp plants are thriving well along with some lotus plants.

The photo above paints a thousand words. Be eco-friendly and save the aquatic environment and do away with toxic chemicals like chlorine.

SuanNamSai Studio in Bangkok.


Since 1998, I was travelling to and fro KL-Bangkok and still doing this today. Much have been done and learned.

I always enjoy Bangkok for its markets, food, a never ending shopping and of course, the art of the people. Of late, we completed a nice pond project with our NSM bio-filter system, cleaning up the pond the natural way without the application of toxic chemicals like chlorine.

SuanNamSai Studio or simply it’s ClearWaterGarden Studio is now opened in Bangkok. The team who has been associating with me since 1998 are still with me,…always happy, lucky and vibrant with life and forever mai pen rai….. with me. 

Year 2017 is the year I have been waiting for and trying to get out of 2016 soonest possible, and I did. With 2017, I am ready for new challenges and move on with works in SE Asia and possibly invoke the art from my life.

Sawatdee. 2017


The Monkey Year


Studio Ayer, our new new eco-friendly studio at Taiping, Perak Malaysia.

There are two school of thoughts for this year business opportunities, one are those who think the economy will spin downwards and another says it is good year for business.

With the weather so unpredictable along with the war cries in the Middle East, mega scale corruption in the ruling government and of course, the stylish Trump who seems to be on his way to be the next US president…. so, what is in store for this Monkey year ?

Like the behaviour of a monkey, we have jumped from the dark grounds to be on a brighter side and that is leaving polluted K L for good for a peaceful Taiping farm land.

Our mini resort outlook studio and home to my family in Taiping is all clean, green and cool… ready for a new life style. It was designed as an habitat to my life, a special niche of collected arts and for the love for nature especially the water and fish that swims as part of the studio eco-system.

It does not matter anymore whether the economy is up or down, who kills who or Trump or tramps to run the US government, for as far as I am concerned, we are now in a little paradise made of green and clean just right for my age at 55 and away from the mad rush to bad health and imaginary wealth.

These days, we travel to share, give, work and earn like a monkey of the year as to be ambitious, adventurous and irritable.

Meet us at


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